Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ice Cream with Homemade Magic Shell and Bammer's Jammers

You must click on these photos and get a close-up look at ice cream with homemade magic shell and Bammer's Jammers!

It all started when I saw photos and a recipe for Bammer’s Jammers on Bam’s Kitchen. BAM is one of my favorite food bloggers and she's good at it, carefully researching every recipe and testing them on her husband and teenage boys.

I knew I had to have it! Who (not me!) can resist a simple mixture of strawberries, cranberries, freshly grated ginger and honey?

Hmm, English muffins and peanut butter came quickly and persistently to mind.

A week later I finally remembered to pick up frozen strawberries at the supermarket. At the moment I’m typing this sentence (2:20 PM ET), the temperature has finally crept up to 24-degreesF. A delightful, sunny BRRR…. so no fresh, local strawberries this month.

Strawberries in hand, I quickly whipped up Bammer’s Jammers and fell in love after one taste straight from the pan. And, I was right. A perfect fit with an English muffin and peanut butter.

The first photo was ordinary and I wanted something with zing. That’s why the jar is tipped over and Bammer’s Jammers is swiftly running out of the jar. Quick, click!!

A few days later, it occurred to me that Bammer’s Jammers would taste good on a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Chocolate flashed through my mind, too. That’s how I came to search out a recipe for Homemade Magic Shell. I’ve made homemade magic shell before, but none of the recipes I tried inspired me to make it a second time.

This time, however, I’m totally sold and this recipe for Homemade Magic Shell from Instructables is a forever-keeper. Here’s why:
1. It’s made with coconut oil.
2. It only has two ingredients (for the basic recipe).
3. It hardens beautifully upon making contact with the ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream, Homemade Magic Shell and Bammer’s Jammers. “Nothing could be finer…”

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  1. This dessert looks absolutely delicious, love the homemade magic shell :D


  2. I am soo going to try this, Kathleen. I just came home with the ingredients to make more Jammers. I intend to bring them to give them as Thanksgiving gifts. I hang with a jam-lovin' crowd. :) Adding magic shell to the ice cream dish is genius! Of course, before I serve this to guests, I'll have to taste it for myself ... and then again ... and again ...

    1. C.J., I, too, am taking Bammer's Jammers to T'giving dinner, to be served on baking power biscuits made by Moi! Daughter is baking the pies. Son is making the stuffing to be cooked outside the bird, which is being handled by my son-in-law and will be covered with thin strips of salt pork. We're all fans of Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen and I think all the recipes are coming from there. I know the BP biscuits are--and they call for heavy (as in "whipping") cream instead of butter or shortening. Hope your Thanksgiving dinner is satisfying and leads to a long winter's nap :)

  3. That's a delightful dessert,Kathleen.
    Love the combination of flavors with berries,chocolate and Vanilla

    1. Thanks, Daniela. I, too, love the combination. Better than a banana split!

  4. Thank you Kathleen. You are so sweet! Your jam turned out perfect! I agree a little vanilla ice-cream with a little chocolate shell and Bammer's Jammers is the perfect treat for your sweet tooth craving. Also I like your idea to give them out as little holiday gifts, I will have to grab some more cranberries while they are here in Hong Kong. Have a super Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy your family. Take Care, BAM

    1. I have to give credit where credit is due, BAM. It's ChicagoJohn who's giving the jars of jam out as Christmas gifts. I did take my second batch to our family Thanksgiving dinner, and leftovers stayed with my daughter and her family. Good stuff!

  5. It all looks good to me! I had great intentions of make the same jam ... still haven't done it. I like what you did with it :)

    1. I know, Brenda... if we made every blogged food item that appealed to us, we'd be nibbling 24/7--or start our own restaurant! Still, stay tuned 'cause my next entry will be about baking powder biscuits and how good they tasted topped with butter and Bammer's Jammers.


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