Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scallops and Salmon with a Cranberry and Nut Sauce

Among the first recipes I tried out on Step by Step in the Kitchen was a quick and easy dish with beautiful red highlights provided by a homemade raspberry sauce and tender sautéd scallops from the sea.

After over a year of blogging, I’ve been reminiscing about past culinary creations and feeling the urge to retry and perhaps recreate many of them -- which is what I did on January 14 with Grilled Turkey-Olive Burgers.

Then I re-read one of my most popular posts -- Raspberry Scallops -- and knew I just had to make it again. That very night. But, wait, I already had a salmon fillet thawing. I could wait, or I could combine. I decided to combine the two creatures of the sea.

What about the raspberries? Why did I change that ingredient to cranberries? Because I could. Why pay a fortune, this time of year, for raspberries when I already have several pounds of raw cranberries in the freezer.

Okay, so I wanted to follow up on a successful recipe with some changes. Add salmon to the mix. I could have done it with the salmon alone, but instead I took off for Wegmans supermarket and bought six large scallops at $17.99 per pound. Wow! On the other hand, I did save money by not purchasing raspberries.

While at the store I noticed there were still bins full of unshelled nuts (I usually only notice them at Christmas time), so I decided to add one more ingredient to this re-creation.



6 large sea scallops
6 oz. salmon fillet cut into 5-6 strips
salt & pepper
1-/12 tablespoon butter
2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
2 tablespoon brown sugar
zest of 1 lemon or 1 orange
juice of 1/2 lemon or 1/2 orange
2/3 cups cranberries
1/4 cup walnut halves and almonds


1. Pat scallops and salmon fillet dry and lightly salt & pepper each side.

2. Melt butter and EVOO in fry pan over medium heat.

3. Saute fish fillets 2-3 minutes then turn them over. Add scallops and cook 1-1/2 minutes on each side. Lower heat if they are cooking too fast. Do not overcook.

4. Remove pan from heat; lower heat to medium-low. Remove scallops and salmon and arrange on two dinner plates. (Both will continue cooking.)

5. Return pan to heat and stir in brown sugar, zest, juice and cranberries.

6. Cook 3-5 minutes until cranberries soften.

7. Spoon sauce over scallops and salmon.

8. Scatter nuts on top.


  1. That looks so classy and what a beautiful twist of sweet, savoury and slightly tart :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. "...a beautiful twist of sweet, savoury and slightly tart." I should have said that in my post--sounds so good, CCU. I commented on your FB page today and will say it again: stay cool during your record heat.

  2. What a festive looking dish! I would never think to add berries of any kind to seafood, although, now that you've done it here, I bet cranberries work very nicely. I missed this the first time around and am glad you resurrected it for us. Thanks!

    1. You're welcome, John. I can imagine blueberries or other berries would work just as well as long as you adjust the amount of sweetener.

  3. You and I are thinking alike ... my family was just talking about salmon the other day ... thank you for a wonderful new idea!!!

    1. You're welcome, Brenda. Let me know how you like it if you try it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. Hey Kathleen, looks delectable. I like your introduction and the recreating of your past recipes you posted about. I know fresh is better, but could always try frozen raspberries. Good chose though with the cranberries.

    My wife asked just the other day when I was going to cook up some fish. Here is the recipe I am going to use to make her wish come true. :)

    Thanks for sharing Kathleen. I always appreciate your comments and readership at Savor the Food.

    Chef Randall

    1. Thanks for your comments, Randall. I look forward to hearing your wife's (and your) reaction to this dish.

  5. Hy Kathleen,
    hope you're doing great...! All our functions have kept me busy from blogging..
    Trying to catch up all the lovely posts that I have missed.
    This recipe looks absolutely yummm, delicious & mouthwatering....
    Tasty Appetite


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