Monday, July 16, 2012

Cookbooks and a Sad Lack of Photos!

Oh, no! A blog post on Step by Step in the Kitchen with NO PHOTOS! Can’t have that, so I’ve put up one photo from a meal I fixed while on vacation. No details, just a photo.

What was I thinking when I looked through my son’s cookbook collection on my recent trip to Maryland? I knew I wanted to share a list of the books, but I never thought to take a photo. Good grief, Charley Brown!

In lieu of a picture, I came up with links for most of these books so you can see pictures and find out details.

The Chocolate Cookbook (1992)
by Elizabeth Wolf Cohen

Getting Started: A step-by-step guide (1998)
Vita Mix

The Wisdom and Healing Power of Whole Foods (1994)
Vita Mix
By Patrick Quillin

Whole Grains Booklet (1998)
Vita-Mix Corporation

best-ever cookies (1998) ~ Can't find anything on this one.
Nestle Toll House

Electric Bread (1997)
Innovative Cooking Enterprises (I.C.E. Inc.)

The 47 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World (1983)
Larry & Honey Zisman

50 Best Stuffings & Dressings (1997)
Rick Rodgers

Merry Christmas from the South (1998)
Michelle Stone

The Fine Art of Waterless, Low-Fat Cooking (1989)
Rose A. Wride

Healthy Main Dishes (Williams-Sonoma Basics Collection) (1995)
Chuck Williams, General Editor

Moosewood Cookbook (Rev. Ed. 1992)
Mollie Katzen

Fire & Spice: 200 Hot & Spicy Recipes from the Far East (1996)
Jacki Passmore

The Mafia Cookbook (1993) ~ I gave him this one.
Joseph “Joe Dogs” Iannuzzi

The Best 50 Sushi Rolls (1999)
Carol M. Newman

Cooking on the ‘Light’ Side (1997) ~ Probably only sold locally.
The Nimmonsburg United Methodist Church, Binghamton NY

Taste the World (2002) ~ Also a local publication.
Corning (NY) World Pluralism Group

Chocolate (Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library) (1993)
Chuck Williams, General Editor

Vita-Mix: Recipes and Instructions for Household Use (1996)
Vita-Mix Corporation

Are any of these cookbooks in your collection?

Again, sorry that I neglected to take a photo of the cookbooks! Can't let that happen again. Photos are such a fun part of blogs, at least as far as I'm concerned.


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  1. Haha that's alright my friend, lots of photos in the next one ;)
    Your son certainly has an insane collection of cookbooks wow!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. It is a crazy collection, CCU, and notice that he, too, likes chocolate. I don't think he's bought a cookbook in years.

  2. Oh my, I'm gonna end up buying more cookbooks...
    Thanks for the ideas ;-)

    1. Carine, you can never have too many cookbooks. The Internet is great, but a book in hand is so different and I love it. You're welcome, and stop by again sometime.

  3. I don't own any of them, but would love that chocolate book from Williams-Sonoma!

    1. There are definitely some old-timers there, Angie, but those are often the "keepers"! Any chocolate book, definitely a keeper ~ LOL. What an excellent blog you have ~ loaded with great recipes! Thanks for stopping by, Angie. Come back anytime.


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