Monday, October 3, 2011


We all have days when we want to eat nutritiously because we know how much better we’ll feel than if we stuff ourselves with burgers and fries. Well, maybe not you. But, me, yes!

This just happened to be one of those days when I managed to pull together something quick and easy before I could succumb to the lure of the quick and easy fast food route.

Sure, I opened a few containers, but that’s okay. The Lentil Soup is from Progresso. I love their soups and think they are fairly nutritious.


The yogurt is Yoplait Lite Lemon Cream Pie Yogurt that I happened to buy with a coupon. It’s lite, although that doesn’t guarantee its nutritional value.

The English Muffin Bread came from a bake sale and the Peach Chutney I put on the bread is homemade by my friend Nithya.

I usually buy my carrots shredded or sliced. If I wait for myself to clean and cut whole carrots, I might never get around to eating them. The carrots, zucchini and broccoli came from the grocery store. I put about an inch of water in my 3-quart Tramontina pan, added the steamer basket and turned the heat on medium. When I saw that the water was about to boil, I turned the heat down to low, added the steamer basket and the washed, cut-up vegetables, and placed the lid on top of the pan. These cooked for about twelve minutes, but it’s a good idea to check them earlier. Vegetables are best cooked as little as possible and remember that they’ll continue to cook after they come off the heat. I served the steamed vegetables with EVOO, plus salt and pepper to taste.

My Tramontina pan and lid was a big investment, but well worth it. It’s heavy and when it has food in it, I usually wear a potholder glove to get a better grip. But that’s just me and the arthritis in my fingers. The fact that it’s heavy is a bonus because it’s not apt to tip over. I also love how easy it is to clean. Even if something burns on, which only happens if I turn the heat too high, I put a bit of dish soap and water in it for a few minutes and it’s easy to scrub clean. Bought mine at Walmart last year.

Lunch is served...


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