Monday, May 28, 2012

Sweet and Healthy Cream Cheese Pancakes and Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Balls

Here are two more recipes that I added to my Pinterest boards. (If you're on Pinterest, you can find me at Kathleen Read Richardson.) Both of these offerings are sweet, but not too sweet, and both are guaranteed healthy.

You’ll find the complete recipe at the I BREATH... I’M HUNGRY... blog.

Cream Cheese Pancakes are low carb, gluten-free and require only four ingredients: eggs, cream cheese, stevia and cinnamon. Instead of buying stevia, I used 1 teaspoon Organic Blue Agave Maple Flavored Syrup which I had on hand after using some of it in Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers. I also topped my Cream Cheese Pancakes with the syrup.

My picture is terrible, but don’t judge the taste by my ability to flip these thin, delicate pancakes. I have yet to master the skill of gingerly sliding the spatula under them preparatory to turning them over. May be that I’m making them too big, or my “batter” is TOO thin. Anyways, the original blog has an absolutely gorgeous photo of them plated and ready to serve. I did like this AM dish, just a matter of remembering to allow time for the bubbles to die down after blending the batter and to soften some cream cheese.

As my blogging friend BAM would say, this recipe will feed two adults, or one hungry teenage boy.



This one’s for you, CCU (Chocolate Chip Uru at GO BAKE YOURSELF) -- 16-year old queen of chocolate creations -- and was concocted by another of my favorite bloggers, Cory at THE ZESTY COOK

I spotted it and thought to myself that these might be a solution for my daughter, who has a 5-year old and a 9-year old playing ball up to three nights a week. They either have to eat a very early or a very late supper on practice and game nights. Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Balls might be the easy-to-prep, eat-anywhere, highly nutritious food that would get them through Little League season, or any other life-consuming sports season.

One of the ingredients called for is protein powder. My son, my daughter and my SIL are all familiar with protein powder and anyone of them may have it on hand right now. I, however, do not, so off to Wegmans I went, to check out the protein powders in Nature’s Marketplace.

So many choices! Most in huge canisters, with prices ranging from $11.99 to $29.99. With assistance from a Wegmans employee, I chose a 1.1 oz. package of Organic Hemp Protein Superfood Protein Powder at $.99. From Nutiva. I’m not promoting it; just giving you information.

Two scoops of protein powder, according to a search on the Internet, is equivalent to two tablespoons.

Quinoa... This recipe also includes quinoa. I have the hardest time remembering how to pronounce that word. It’s “keen-oh-ah”, or if you say it fast, it comes out “keen-wah”, or so I’ve been told.

Love it, love it, love it! They taste so good!

My substitutions -
Agave Maple Syrup for Honey
Raisins for Cherries (Next time I HAVE to try it with cherries!)

Remember, you’ll find the recipe for Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Balls at The Zesty Cook.



I bought the parsley and the thyme for my Chicken Kiev and who doesn’t need basil in their garden! While I may not use much of the sage in my kitchen, my grandsons and I love to pick leaves to rub between our fingers and breathe in the rich aroma. I also have a huge chive plant and a brand new cluster of lemon balm.


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  1. Those trail mix balls look like a GREAT snack! And I'm glad I'm not the only one with pancake flipping issues :)

    1. Anna, just remember that the trail mix balls are a high protein food and don't eat them like candy (I had a hard time convincing my g'sons that they couldn't eat them all in one sitting!). Let me know who likes them better in your family... you and hubby or little ones. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. My basil is flowering. It's so pretty. My cilantro also flowered and my parsley - well, it's the best tasting ever!

    1. Years ago I had a huge herb garden and grew it strictly for the flowers. Glad yours are doing so well. I think it's going to be an excellent growing season in spite of all the crazy weather. Nice to hear from you. Stop by any time.

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  4. I have never actually seen cream cheese used in pancakes but now that I think about it - why not? :D
    They look really delicious!
    And I love your trail ball recipe - a little it more than usual considering the chocolate ;)


    1. I love making cottage cheese pancakes, so the cream cheese didn't phase me a bit. Figured you'd hone in on the trail mix balls :) Thanks for stopping by, CCU.


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