Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eating out

I recently returned from a two week vacation with my son at his new home in a little community between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. To clarify, the entire strip between Baltimore and D.C. is made up of small communities, and some might consider it one long shopping mall.

Son’s house is pretty much in the middle, making both Baltimore and D.C. easily accessible, by vehicle or by Metro.

My daily walks continue when I’m vacationing, and although I knew we’d be doing a lot of tourist-type traipsing, I ventured around the neighborhood on those days he worked.

Another new Wegmans...

My first target? Getting a look at the new Wegmans supermarket going up less than a mile away. Why was I so intent on seeing a half-built Wegmans? ‘Cause that’s what we have locally and as I always say, it’s not just a supermarket, it’s a “social event”. I can't wait until it's complete and I can go for groceries and coffee when I visit the area.

Lots of construction going on, so I didn’t attempt to get too close. Security guards caught up with me after about ten minutes. They typically stop cars from driving into the area and were surprised by (but tolerant of) my on-foot intrusion. Even gave me a ride for the short one block out of the area!

High end cooking...

Just across the highway and closer to home, I found Roundz. Love it, love it and went back numerous times for coffee and goodies. Roundz is a small gourmet market and catering business. They were very welcoming and kindly allowed me to take photos. I’m surprised I shed a few pounds in Maryland, especially after consuming their bread pudding and the red velvet cake with what tasted like a combination buttercream-cream cheese icing (emphasis on the cream cheese). Prices are hefty, but so are portions. Delicious!

BTW, I’m an occasional coffee drinker, must have decaf, and most speciality coffees are too dark and bold for me. The only exception is Wegmans’ Hazelnut Decaf. Anyway (or is it anywayS?), Roundz had a Guatemalan decaf the first time I was there and I decided to try it. Ended up having their decaf (diff flavor daily) 3-4 times. That good.

From gourmet to every day...

We watched an episode of “Undercover Boss” featuring the CEO of Checkers. A few days later, we discovered a Checkers drive-through nearby but barely visible from the highway. Had to have lunch and sat a table outside (no inside dining), freezing yet loving the food.

My only complaint was that the woman who opened the window to wait on us stood with her back to us while talking with another employee. Kept us waiting - not even a greeting - at least a full minute.

Let us, however, talk about more pleasant matters -- like the food! (I’m sure it’s not nutritious. It’s totally salty.) My burger of choice came with mushrooms and swiss cheese. OMG, it was so-o good. Equally mouthwatering were the fries with special seasonings.

(Follow up 2/29: I received a phone call and an apology from a manager at that Checkers restaurant.)

Time for Bibim Bap...

When I visit my son, wherever the USAF decides to station him, we habitually fix our own meals and often eat out. One of our favorites at his last assignment was Korean cooking and on my last full day in Maryland, son found Myong Dong, a small quiet place in Beltsville, Maryland.

What do we order at a Korean restaurant? Dolsot Bibim Bap, of course. On this occasion, we also split an order of dumplings. Loved it and they did a good job. Can’t wait to go back!

That’s it for today, friends. Coming in my next blog entry...

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  1. Mmmn you visited so many delicious dessert locations my mouth is watering :D
    Then you put in those last granola bars pic and I am gone :)


    1. You can thank Bam's Kitchen for the yummy granola bar recipe. Really simple, mix and match dried fruits and nuts. Stay tuned for Part 2, CCU. You're gonna love Chocolate Chocolate!

  2. DC looks like the culinary capital of the universe. You enjoyed so many yummy desserts and even Bibimbap. I am delighted to see that your Totally nuts for you honey granola bars turned out divine. You even made them heart shaped. How sweet of you for mentioning me. Take Care, BAM

  3. So far, Chocolate Chocolate is the only D.C. establishment I've discovered, BK. The others are in the Crofton-Odenton MD area. Always love discovering gems in the wilderness.


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